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Do You Know Your Energy Sparks and Drains?


The 15 Days to a Healthier You (15DHY) health coaching course is designed to INSPIRE you to make simple, small changes every day for 15 days to improve your well-being. Crystal provides virtual coaching through each of 15 daily 8-minute video, and bonuses and resource links in the workbook.
FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m an affiliate for Crystal Paine. As an affiliate, I was given free access to the course to evaluate it and determine whether or not it’s a good match for Garden Valley Homestead’s readers who are on a mission to create a nourishing life at homeI think this course is a perfect fit for you.
This post includes affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase I will receive a small commission at no added cost to you. This course retails for $15 ($1 per day). It’s available Nov. 8, 2017 ONLY for $5. Tomorrow it will be $10. Then it reverts to full-price ($15).

My Process

I downloaded the 103-page full-color workbook to my laptop, then read it all in one evening. I read each page and made notes along the way. I completed any daily exercise that I could realistically complete in one evening. I completed the steps for Day 1, Day Eight, and Day Fourteen in the same evening. The following morning, I watched each video.

What I Liked

The Workbook

The 103-page workbook is more like a guidebook, which reads quickly. It includes simple action steps at the end of each daily reading section. I say it’s more a guidebook than a workbook because it doesn’t contain “homework”, just suggested tasks to guide and prompt you to think deeper about what’s stealing your joy and strength.
Each day’s section within the guidebook is tastefully color-coded and stamped with watermark of the day. This helps you know which day you’re reading, whether you read it online like I did or if you print it out. This design feature is especially helpful if you read online or if you print out one day at a time,

The Videos

The videos follow the workbook content almost word for word, BUT it also contains all the resource links and bonus content that you won’t catch if you choose to only listen to or watch the videos. I watched all the videos the next morning. Normally, I wouldn’t binge watch a course like this, but I wanted to be certain the content is a match for readers of this blog before sharing it with you.
Each video is about 8 minutes long, short enough to complete over a cup of coffee (or tea šŸ˜‰ The graphics are simple and not overly distracting.

Tips to Improve Your Experience

The hyperlinks in the workbook are not set up to “open in a new tab.” I recommend right-clicking on the links to open a new tab so you can toggle between the workbook and the linked page–and avoid wandering aimlessly down the Internet black hole šŸ˜‰
15 days to a healthier you health coaching course

A Quick Overview by Day

  • Day One – Identify energy sparks and drains
  • Day Two – Redefine Self-Care
  • Day Three – Avoid the Comparison Trap
  • Day Four – Choose words that edify and admonish
  • Day Five – Goal Setting Tips
  • Day Six – More Goal Setting Tips
  • Day Seven – Create Best Stuff Lists and Stop Lists Help Clear Calendar Clutter
  • Day Eight – Clear “Junk” from Your Life Makes Space for Joy
  • Day Nine – A Good Day Begins at Night (link to Make Over Your Evening)
  • Day Ten – Tips for Better Sleep
  • Day Eleven – The Value of Staying Hydrated
  • Day Twelve – Baby Steps to Adding Fitness to Your Life
  • Day Thirteen – Simple Healthy Food Tips
  • Day Fourteen – Supplements for Energy
  • Day Fifteen – Mindset

Do I Recommend this Health Coaching Course?

Simple answer?
Yes! I was hooked on day one. Listing things that energize you and those that drain you are examples of how powerful simple exercises can be in getting you to take inventory of your life. Crystal shares the first time she did this exercise she had trouble pinpointing the things that energize her. The farther we’ve veered away from our best self, the harder it will be to reconnect with that part of you. TIP: If you get stuck, don’t quit. Set the task aside, give it some time, then return to it later.
And it works if you take action. In fact, while I was right in the middle of reading about clearing “junk” from my life I stopped to get a step stool and cleared off clutter two bookcases that had been glaring at me for months. Making more space in the room improved that atmosphere instantly. Even my husband noticed the room “felt” better when he came home. And that, ladies and gentlemen, inspired him to decide to clear out a few more things. WIN!
The title of the health coaching course is slightly misleading, however. Even though food and fitness are lightly touched upon, most of the course covers:
  • getting clarity in our minds and spaces and developing newer, healthier habits
  • finding contentment no matter your circumstances
  • choosing joy in spite of how bad things seems, and
  • removing from your life the things (or people) that are robbing your energy and holding you back
  • gaining energy and strength
She shares from her heart what worked for her and provides ideas for changes you can make in your life to experience more joy and get back to the life you’re called to live.

Bottom Line

The 15 Days to a Healthier You health coaching course is one-on-one coaching for $1 a day. (Unless you buy the course while it’s $5, then we’re talking about getting one-on-one coaching for $.33 per day!) Crystal’s, (The Money Saving Mom) courses are always generously priced.

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