[#FMFLinkUp] Worth. Who Decides?

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Text messages allow conversations to be silent.

At 5:15 this morning, I learned the message came in at 10 last night: Grandma’s in the hospital with a high fever and a very low white cell count.

Papa’s worried

Anxiety begins to build as the summer’s rays fill the room: A heat wave is coming, the car isn’t running well, I said I’d help decorate for the wedding, he’s on standby, and Grandma’s in ICU. The morning kitchen is more movement than talk today. I think each body is thinking about places to be–or not, and things to do–or not. We run through scenarios and possibilities in our minds. But, who decides, I wonder. Of course, I know who.

Then I realize it’s Friday and Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday word prompt is waiting for an answer. Today’s word is WORTH.

I set my timer to “5” and this is what came to the screen.

(Five Minute Friday is a weekly opportunity to practice the craft of writing, communing with fellow writers, and encouraging one another in our writing lives. Everyone is welcome. You may join in right here.)

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Five Minute Friday Free-write


Balancing. Calculating. Weighing.
On a scale.
Who decides?
The weight.
The value.
The cost.
Do you go?
Do you stay?
Do you call or write?
Is it worth your time?
Who decides
It’s daily, isn’t it, that we sit, Pilot pen in hand, scratching and sketching notes, thoughts, decisions. What to do? Where to go?
Who decides?
Do we lean on Him to know or do we just go?
On our own.
Who decides?
Time is ticking.
Lives are in the balance.
The door might close.
Who decides?
God holds our time,
While He has no time.
We rush to meet grace that flows.
Don’t let the door close.
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
He decides.
It’s worth our time to go
So all will know
Her worth.
He decides worth.

Time’s Worth

Although God has all the time, He’s numbered our days. But, He doesn’t tell us how many we have, so we live as each is our last. Or do we? I don’t. I think tomorrow is coming. But, over the years, I’ve done a better job at setting aside what I think is important and necessary to do what He says to do next. It’s not easy. I struggle with it. Writing is certainly something that is pushed to the side. But, if I’m paying close enough attention, I later learn that He’s not asking me to give something up as much as He’s offering something better. Do you know what I mean?

If you find yourself struggling to decide what to do with your time, or you’re asking, “Is it worth it?” set “it” down and wait until God asks you to pick “it” up.

Be encouraged today.


  1. LRBrittain

    Thanks, Sally, for asking great questions here. I think you are asking questions that I am also asking. I think we’re all asking… where should I spend my time? what should I do today? where should I invest the little I have? There’s good and then there’s best. Thank you and bless you with answers to your heart questions.

  2. Jeanne Takenaka

    Sally, I’m sorry about your grandmother. It’s never easy to get that call or text. Life is busy enough that we really have to ponder the decision to go, sometimes, don’t we? When my father’s only sister died many years ago, I lived half a country away. I wanted to be there for the services, to support my dad, my cousins. I prayed and debated all day and talked with my husband. in the end, I knew I should go. It was worth the investment of time and money to be there, to grieve. Offer hugs. Support my uncle and cousins, and my father.

    Thank you for making me think, and for reminding me to hold “my” time loosely.

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