How to Quit Coffee and Avoid Painful Caffeine Headache

Herbal Coffee Alternative

Live a Healthy Caffeine-Free Life in Two Weeks

Caffeine is my last hold out; my one remaining vice. 

I love everything about fresh coffee. Making morning coffee highlights the start of the day. I enjoy the coffee-making process, from grinding beans to watching hot kettle-boiled water seep through the grounds to fill my cup in the morning. It’s my routine.

Why would I give it up? 

Because I don’t want to depend on coffee for energy to start my day. 

If I’m nourishing my body, exercising, resting, and spending time with the Lord, it seems to me I should be able to hit the ground running any day without caffeine. (Affiliate links are included in this post.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to live caffeine-free?

This is my story of how I gave up caffeinated coffee (I don’t caffeine in any other form) and the few strategies I used to make the switch painless.

How to Make the Switch From Coffee to a Coffee Alternative?

My morning routine hinges on my first cup of java, so I decided kicking caffeine might be easier if I can do so without disrupting the rest of my life. One big question to answer is:

“Can I find a coffee alternative that’s dark, robust, and delicious enough to take its place?”

If I’m going to jump ship, I want a good raft to swim to. And that’s the first step in my transition away from caffeine. 

Strategy: Find a raft before jumping ship

Why Not Switch to Decaffeinated Coffee?

The answer seems obvious: switch to decaffeinated coffee. But, decaffeinated coffee is not caffeine-free* and that’s my goal: to be set free from caffeine. It’s worth mentioning that I don’t like its flavor and usually, I get a headache when I drink it decaffeinated coffee. And now that I understand how (most of the) caffeine is extracted from green coffee beans, I think I know why it tastes funny–and why it brings on a headache.

The Decaf Raft has holes in it. I need something to sustain me.

Strategy: Avoid decaf coffee because there’s no such thing*

What Is Herbal Coffee?

Herbal coffee? Who knew? Not I. (Remember my undying loyalty to coffee beans?)

Herbal Coffee or coffee alternatives can be made from a variety of ingredients, including herbs, figs, dates, and nuts. Rye and barley are common ingredients, too. They are usually blended to simulate the taste of coffee, but without the caffeine.

coffee alternative herbal coffee Teeccino
Teeccino’s no-caf herbal coffee is available in 24 flavor blends.

Teeccino Brand Herbal Coffee Intrigued Me Instantly

Have you heard of it? Caroline MacDougall created Teeccino in 1995 right here in California. I’m astonished I haven’t heard of it before now. But, that’s probably due to my sworn loyalty to Peet’s and Boyd’s richly roasted beans.

According to Teeccino’s website, Caroline MacDougall is a tea designer who loves the taste of coffee, but she’s caffeine sensitive. Her dream was to create a full-flavored herbal coffee alternative that has no caffeine. By blending together carob root, barley, and chicory root, dates, figs, almonds, and a powerfully nutritious ramon seed she created a tea with a coffee profile: It looks and smells just like coffee. Teeccino may be brewed all the same ways you brew coffee or steep it like tea. (The Teeccino website is loaded with great information. This article about caffeine’s effect on weight loss is interesting. I am not an affiliate, just a fan.)

Why Is Teeccino A Better Coffee Alternative than Regular Coffee?

Like I said, it’s the creative blend of dried and roasted carob root, barley, chicory root, dates, figs, and almonds are what give Teeccino its coffee profile. It’s amazing how much it looks, smells, and tastes like coffee, particularly since it includes zero coffee.What’s more surprising is the ingredients are naturally nutrient-rich, energizing, and non-acidic and they are foods I enjoy eating.

coffee alternative,herbal coffee
French Roast herbal coffee alternative brews like coffee.

Nourishing Ingredients for a Great Coffee Profile

  • Carob pod an antioxidant with 50 mg potassium and 2.4 mg fiber per tablespoon.
  • Dates, too, are rich in potassium (964mg per cup) as well as magnesium, iron. And B-6
  • Figs are fortified with 253 mg. potassium per cup, vitamin C, iron, and magnesium
  • Barley potassium. Iron, protein, magnesium, B-6
  • Almonds protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, B-6
  • Ramon seed is a powerful antioxidant. “The ramón seed (or nut) is extremely high in fiber, calcium, potassium, folate, iron, zinc, protein, and vitamins A, B, C, and E.”
  • Chicory root’s nutrients include vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and fiber.

These nutrients in Teeccino’s herbal coffee blends are in liquid form so they are readily bio-available. In other words, your body absorbs them more quickly. And the good people at Teeccino offer this guarantee:

“Teeccino flavors do not contain any constituents from meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, soy, soy derivatives or edible yeast. Teeccino does not allow any monosodium glutamate (MSG) or any derivatives of MSG, propylene glycol, or preservatives in its flavors.”

Note: Coffee is high in potassium too. But the caffeine diuretic in coffee negates gaining any benefit from the potassium.

A Great Coffee Alternative Has to Taste Great

My Strategy: Choose the best tasting herbal coffee flavor at the start

Choices, Choices.

Teeccino comes in 24 flavors. Selecting one to try first is a  challenge. I relied on help from Amazon and Thrive Market reviewer comments to help me decide. Tee-tasters liked Hazelnut blend, so I went with that. I ordered one bag through Amazon Prime, then waited an agonizingly long two days for it to arrive.

Should I Quit Caffeine Cold Turkey?

While I waited for my order to arrive, one questioned loomed on my mind:  should I quit cold turkey? That was my plan: Just quit. Grit my teeth. Push through caffeine-headache, then press on to revel in my new caffeine-freedom. But, then I found Teeccino prescribes a two-week plan for weaning one’s self from caffeine. Why suffer more than necessary? I loosely followed the plan and reached caffeine-freedom in about 10 days without a single headache or any other symptoms, except for feeling great and relieved to be free from all caffeine.

My Strategy: Forget about willpower. Follow the steps to wean yourself from caffeine to avoid a painful headache.

How I Modified the Kick-the-Caffeine-Habit Program

Teeccino suggests a two-week period to wean yourself from caffeine to avoid headaches while your body is withdrawing from the drug. Yep. That’s what it is; a drug. I added 1 tablespoon of regular coffee to 1 tablespoon of Teeccino Hazelnut on the first day. Each day for 10 days  I added a slightly smaller amount of regular coffee grounds to the herbal coffee grounds until I added none at all. I didn’t have a single headache.

Can I get an amen?

What I Like About Teeccino

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to notice any physical improvements by switching from caffeinated coffee to an herbal coffee. But, I do have more energy–steady energy. And my digestive system is noticeably better. My emotions are evenly keeled naturally. But, I can tell I take things in stride even better than before I gave up coffee.

Here’s a list of other things I like about Teeccino:

  • Smells goods.
  • Tastes good.
  • Brews and drinks just like coffee.
  • It doesn’t lose its flavor when it’s cold.
  • It makes a great tasting latte or mocha drink.
  • It’s nourishing and not dehydrating like coffee.
  • I can drink it any time of day because it’s nourishing and caffeine-free.
  • It’s alkaline (non-acidic). If you’ve ever had coffee on an empty stomach, you know what I mean. Note: If you’re following an alkaline diet that excludes coffee and tea, try Teeccino.
  • Teeccino comes in 24 flavors. I’ve enjoyed Hazelnut, Vanilla Nut, French Roast and Chocolate (with a hint of chile). The Dandelion line is detoxifying.
  • Available in tee-bags for on-the-go convenience.
  • It’s available in a range of stores and online.
  • It’s sold in a variety of sizes, including a 5-pound bag.
  • Teeccino stays fresh longer than coffee.
coffee substitute, herbal coffee
Teeccino makes a great tasting mocha or latte that you can enjoy anytime! It’s caffeine free.

Are Other Herbal Coffee Brands Available?

Yes. While I was out shopping for a coffee substitute, I came across these products

I haven’t tried it any of these other non-coffee brands. I like figs, dates, carob, barley, and ramon seeds, so I chose Teeccino as my coffee alternative.

How Does Teeccino Herbal Coffee’s Price Compare to Regular Coffee?

Without going into a deep cost analysis, Teeccino is a little more expensive than Peet’s Coffee. But, it’s nutritional value is dramatically higher. That’s a trade up, I think.

Here’s a basic cost comparison Peet’s  Coffee versus Teeccino if you purchase from Walmart:

Peet’s  – Major Dickinson Blend – 12 oz  – $8.08

Teeccino – Maya Chocolate –  11 oz – $11.51

Where Can You Buy Teeccino Herbal Coffee?

I used the Teeccino’s store locator tool to find stores near me that carry it. Turns out, six stores near me carry it, plus these online markets:

  1. Azure Standard
  2. Amazon
  3. iHerb
  4. My Coffee Store
  5. Teeccino Caffe
  6. Thrive Market
  7. Walmart

Where I Purchased Teeccino

I placed my first order through Amazon Prime. I ordered the second time, as a full herbal-coffee convert, directly from Teeccino because they offered a 5 lb bag of grounds at the best price I could find at the time. Buying in volume is less expensive.

How I Live With Caffeine Freedom

At the time of this post, I’ve been 100 percent caffeine free for 22 days. I’m amazed at how easy it was to quit caffeine, considering I’ve been drinking coffee daily for about 40 years. I really think Teeccino’s coffee alternative was the secret to my success. Making the switch from regular caffeinated coffee to Teeccino’s herbal coffee didn’t interrupt morning routine, which is a big deal: I avoided trying to make two drastic changes at once. 

Today, if I run out of herbal coffee, I’m disappointed. But, it’s not an emergency 😉 I can easily make due with another coffee alternative.

Ready to Live a Healthy Life in Caffeine Freedom?

If you’re a caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee drinker who’d like to live in caffeine freedom, I do recommend trying a coffee alternative like Teeccino. If you do, come on back here to tell us about it in the comments sections.
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