Honest Review of 15 Days to a Healthier You eCourse

Healthy Living

Do You Know Your Energy Sparks and Drains? Summary The 15 Days to a Healthier You (15DHY) health coaching course is designed to INSPIRE you to make simple, small changes every day for 15 days to improve your well-being. Crystal provides virtual coaching through each of 15 daily 8-minute video, and bonuses and resource links in […]

Joy Manifesto: Make Joy Your Top 2017 Goal

Dare to Capture Joy Every Day.

January Is a Time to Reflect, Set Goals for Your Homestead When it comes to goal setting around the homestead, January can feel like a river bank where we stand on the edge of Now, gaze across the rushing water, searching for Later, on the Far Bank. I chart my course, step on each goal, and hope I […]