Iron Sharpens Iron

Create a Nourishing Life at Home is a safe place for stay-at-home moms and work-at-home moms to strengthen your heart at home.

What does it take to stay home?

It takes strength and stamina to create a nourishing life at home for the ones you love.

Does it seem like the odds are stacked against you?

Do you feel misunderstood? Isolated? Undervalued?

Or do you feel guilty because you’re not “working” or your “education is going to waste”?

As SAHMs and WAHMs, we need a safe place to share these thoughts, to gain understanding and support.Your heart, mind, and body run dry without regular refilling. Beyond that, you crave to be understood. 

I shared something of my story on the About page.  As time rolls on, you’ll read more of my experiences, struggles, and insights that come from 20-plus years of doing-whatever-it-takes to make a house a home.

Meanwhile, I am sincere when I tell you…

  • I believe your heart craves encouragement and understanding. You need to know you’re not alone.
  • You’re restless. Your mind wants stimulation and challenge.
  • You’re tired. Your body needs fuel for the journey because motherhood is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • You are enough. Silence the voice that whispers you’re not enough. It’s not true.

Don’t give up. Refresh your journey in staying home today by accepting the dare to capture joy. Add your email and we’ll get started!

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