What Your Favorite Beginner Gardener Wants for Christmas

garden gift ideas


I completely understand your dilemma.

My decorating, shopping and baking tasks aren’t done either.

Actually, I just started.

I guess that makes me an expert on seeking out the perfect last-minute gifts for gardeners–at the very last-minute. The good news is I found many of these items on Amazon–the specialists in last-minute gift getting. 

I got you cover, friend. From one late shopper to another, you’re secret’s safe with me.

I Put Myself Your Gift-Getter’s Shoes

But, enough about us. Let’s talk about your favorite beginner garden and what the want for Christmas. This gift guide might be late in the making, but, it’s not late!  I cracked a sweat and broke a nail or two while searching high-and-low for things I would have appreciated receiving when I was a beginner gardener. 

I searched carefully.

I didn’t rush.

I browsed.

I thought.


And reconsidered.

I put myself in the shoes of the gift-getter and the gift-giver.

Take a  look at what I found. I think you’ll love it.

(Psst. It’s okay if you’re shopping for yourself. It happens. I know. By the way, the are affiliate links .)

Beautiful Ideas For the Beginner Flower Gardener

The flower gardener is an artist. She’s all about aesthetics. She’s one who needs the beauty of the outdoors brought inside where she can admire the brilliant colors throughout the day.

This gal deserves a gift basket with a spectacular assortment of non-GMO wildflower seeds that birds, bees, and butterflies will swarm over; a snazzy pair professional micro-pruning snips to make clean, precise cuts to the flower stems; a beautiful wooden basket for carrying her harvest indoors and a copy of Alethea Harampolis’ wildly popular recipe book for flower arranging.

Last Minute Tip: Skip the box! Use the garden hod to display the book, seed packets, and micro-snips. Add a simple ribbon and you’re good to go!

Best Christmas Gifts for a Flower Gardener

garden gift ideas
The art of arranging flowers is a gift throughout the year.
  1. Flower Arranging Recipe Book
  2. Garden Hod for Cut Flowers (or vegetables)
  3. Wildflower seed Garden Gift Pack 30,000 seeds non-GMO
  4. Pro Flower Pruning Snips

Perfect Last Minute Gifts for the  Beginner Vegetable Gardener

Appeal to your favorite beginner vegetable gardener’s practical nature that’s why you’ll want to gift her with a stout-n-sturdy Bucket Boss garden tote. It’s rugged construction, flat bottom, and stiff sides epitomize garden utility. Fill the Bucket Boss with a beautiful pair of well-performing, washable garden gloves suitable for most seasons, a 3-in-1 soil tester, 11.5” metal Garden Mate plant markers that rise to the occasion and hold up to weather, and a HydroFarm Germination Station to get the seeds started early and into the ground right on time.

  1. Gloves for all seasons and reasons – Bella High-Performance Garden Glove 
    garden gift ideas
    Weather-proof, visible plant markers you can see!

    garden gift ideas
    Comfortably fitting gloves like these energize hardworking hands.
  2. HydroFarm Germination Station with Heating Pad
  3. Garden Mate Metal Plant Markers, 11.5” Tall Plant markers
  4. 3-in1 Soil tester/Moisture tester/pH tester Tool kit
  5. Garden Tote Bucket Boss

Last Minute Gifts for the Garden Cook

Homegrown herbs are a delight to the garden cook–beginner or not–who prefers fresh, homegrown herbs to store-bought. A Miracle-Gro AeroGarden kit grows herbs and salad greens right where your garden cook needs them–in the kitchen. She’ll appreciate how easy it is to snip tiny fresh herb leaves or salad greens using these micro-snips. In case she goes overboard, give her a Cuisipro Herb Keeper so she can store the extra cut herbs in an airtight container where they’ll be ready for her next creation. Speaking of creations, garden cooks are creative. Let her try her hand at making her own brand of artisan mustard with this easy-to-use mustard making kit.

  1. Miracle-Gr AeroGarden Kit Herb garden kit 

    garden gift ideas
    Keep your just-cut herbs fresh longer.
  2. Gourmet gardening seed collection
  3. Cuisipro Herb Keeper
  4. Artisan Mustard Making Kit

Garden Gifts For the Indoor Gardener

garden gift ideas
Kokedama supermoss plant kit.

Maybe your favorite green-thumb friend does her gardening indoors. And why not? House plants add color and life to any  room in the house. Not to mention they help clean the air you breathe. This special person on your list will blush crimson shades when you hand her a gift basket lined with garden-themed items that beautiful and practical.

Top 4 Picks for the Indoor Gardener

  1. Kokedama kit
  2. Flour sack kitchen towel set  
  3. Copper Watering can
  4. Watercolor Botanical Note cards . (Blank inisde. )

Garden Gifts For Junior Gardeners

garden gift ideas
Seed Bombs are a surefire way to add an explosion of wildflower color to your garden.

Don’t forget the youngsters!

It’s never too soon to learn the joys of gardening, whether indoors or out. Your junior garden will have a dreamy time building an enchanted fairy garden and watching it come to life. Before you know it, the budding gardener in your life get growing outside. So help her do just that with Be Good to Bugs Gardening Gloves by Melissa and Doug, and real Grow with Me Garden Tools by Hearth Song. And don’t forget to add in the Bloomin’ Wildflower Seed Bombs!

  1. Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit
  2. Bloomin’ Wildflower Seed Bomb Bags (6 seed bombs per bag, 3 bags per pack)
  3. Melissa & Doug Be Good to Bugs Gardening Gloves for Kids
  4. Grow With Me Garden Tool Set by Hearth Song

Give the Beginner Gardener a Gift that Gives Back

Garden gifts are among the few gifts that give back. There are so many wonderful benefits to gardening. The  beginner gardeners in your life will reap the rewards of your gracious gift-giving generosity for months and years to come.

Have fun!

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