"It's not how you start, but how you finish that's important." Unknown


How to Finish Well

Finish Well is a conversational blog written co-operatively by women forty-years-old and older to inspire us to finish this life well. I will write about what does it take to go out of this world and life knowing you lived well, loved well, made a positive impact on the people you met along the path to meeting Jesus face to face.

But, First a Note About Pivoting

There's always a backstory. Here's mine:

Garden Valley Homestead began its simple life on the internet way back in 2012. I wrote about daily life on the homestead, gardening, growing apples, and DIY healthy living. Then I tired of writing how-to grow this-and-that. So I stopped. Then my kids grew up. My parents grew older. And I was left staring at my computer screen wondering what to do next.

I couldn't decide whether to pivot the content of Garden Valley Homestead or start a new blog. There was a third option: Quit blogging. I didn't want to quit, and I didn't want to manage two blogs. Maintaining one is plenty! So I posted an "under construction" landing page on this blog and put my time and energy into building my freelance proofreading services business.

Garden Valley Homestead blog sat alone. Every so often, I'd check on it. But, come away with no new inspiration as to what I should do with it.

One thing I know for sure, I am not the same person who started the blog. Today, at fifty-two, I am a mother to young adult sons and a daughter and daughter-in-law to parents in their 80s. My husband and I are part of the sandwich generation; wedged between launching young men into their next life phases and helping our aged parents more frequently.

I wonder what is the name of this place I'm in?

More Often I Think About Finishing Well Than About Gardening

I still garden. But, I grow more flowers than vegetables. I need the beauty around me. 

Reading "The Wonders Years" helped me see it's time to pivot Garden Valley Homestead. But, what does that look like?

The New Shape of Garden Valley Homestead's Finish Well.

More contributors: I'm inviting old and new friends to share their words on this blog about doing life in their forties, fifties, sixties, and even eighties.

Encouragement to start. What keeps you from starting?

Encouragement to finish. What keeps you from finishing?


There's a tension of living in between launching young adults and caring for parents with declining health. How do we walk that walk?


How You Start Is Less Important Than How You Finish

The question is: Are you starting the second half of your life or finishing the first half? There's a tension of living in between; an unsettledness that feels like neither starting or finishing.