5 Reasons to Eat Apple Peel

Keep Your Skin On

I mean…keep the skin on your apple if you want all the nutritional and health  benefits from chomping into your pome fruit.

This season, as you go about preparing your apples for your delicious double-crusted pie, apple fritters (yum!),  apple sauce or even preserving apple slices in your dehydrator, break away from your tradition of removing the peel–and leave it on.

Eating the Apple and the Apple Peel Is 20% (or More) Better For You

UC Davis and Cornell University have been studying the health benefits of apples, in particular, the health benefits of eating an apple with the peel versus without. They conclude that the apple (sans peel) is rich in phytonutrients, that act as antioxidants to counteract chemicals in the blood that damage certain molecules. (UC Davis.) (It gets more complicated than that. But, in a nutshell, that’s what they’ve discovered.)

Also, it seems that the red apples win out over the green ones when it comes to having a higher nutritional value. (That’s bad news for us. We grow green apples.)

Regardless of which color apple you eat–eat apples!

5 Reasons to Eat Apple Peel

  1. Double your fiber (5.4 vs. 2.8 grams)
  2. Add 20% more potassium (239 milligrams vs. 194 milligrams)
  3. More vitamin C (10.3 milligrams vs. 8.6 milligrams)
  4. Increase you daily dose of Vitamin K ( 4.9 micrograms vs. 1.3  micrograms) and Vitamin A (120 IU vs. 82 IU)
  5. Reduce your risk of certain types of cancer, including liver, breast, colon. The peel contains compounds called triterpenoids that have the power to destroy cancer cells,as well as prevent new cancerous cells from growing. (Cornell University.)

If you’re worried about pesticides that might be found in peel, by organic. (We do not spray our trees.) But, UC Davis claims that “laboratories consistently found very low levels–if any–pesticide residue on the skin of apples.”

Please share with us!

Which apple variety is your favorite? Do you peel your apples or eat them with the peel on? 


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  1. Abbi

    My favorite homegrown apple is the Chestnut Crab though we have really been enjoying Hazen this year too. From the store I like Gala best. We always leave our peels on. Peeling seems like a huge waste of time and I am thankful you shared how much else we would be wasting too. I have found with kids if you feed them peels from the start they won’t complain about them.

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