Honest Review of 15 Days to a Healthier You eCourse

Healthy Living

Do You Know Your Energy Sparks and Drains? Summary The 15 Days to a Healthier You (15DHY) health coaching course is designed to INSPIRE you to make simple, small changes every day for 15 days to improve your well-being. Crystal provides virtual coaching through each of 15 daily 8-minute video, and bonuses and resource links in […]

5 Reasons to Eat Apple Peel

Keep Your Skin On I mean…keep the skin on your apple if you want all the nutritional and health  benefits from chomping into your pome fruit. This season, as you go about preparing your apples for your delicious double-crusted pie, apple fritters (yum!),  apple sauce or even preserving apple slices in your dehydrator, break away from your […]

[#FMFLinkUp] Worth. Who Decides?

Text messages allow conversations to be silent. At 5:15 this morning, I learned the message came in at 10 last night: Grandma’s in the hospital with a high fever and a very low white cell count. Papa’s worried Anxiety begins to build as the summer’s rays fill the room: A heat wave is coming, the […]

Joy Wins (But, There’s Poop on My Sandal)

Today, I’m talking about keeping your joy on Holley Gerth’s Coffee for Your Heart blog link-up. One minute ago, I entered a crowd of strangers gathered in a friend’s backyard, and already I’d stepped in it. I looked at my feet wondering what in the world felt as slick as ice. And there it was. […]

Joy Manifesto: Make Joy Your Top 2017 Goal

Dare to Capture Joy Every Day.

January Is a Time to Reflect, Set Goals for Your Homestead When it comes to goal setting around the homestead, January can feel like a river bank where we stand on the edge of Now, gaze across the rushing water, searching for Later, on the Far Bank. I chart my course, step on each goal, and hope I […]