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5 Reasons to Eat Apple Peel

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Keep Your Skin On I mean…keep the skin on your apple if you want all the nutritional and health  benefits from chomping into your pome fruit. This season, as you go about preparing your apples for your delicious double-crusted pie, apple fritters (yum!),  apple sauce or even preserving apple slices in your dehydrator, break away from your tradition of removing the peel–and… Read more »

Apple Fritter Bread

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  (This post contains affiliate partner links.) Fond Fritter Memories Apple fritter doughnuts hold memories for me. As a kid living in The Big City, there was a doughnut and coffee shop planted right next to the bus stop–ingenious planning!–where my friends and I spent all our pennies, and sometimes our bus money, on doughnuts. We were high-rollers. Ten cents bought… Read more »

Trees: 5 Things to Know Before You Buy Bare Root [Bare Root Tree Planting – Part 2]

Late fall is the perfect time to plan for and purchase your bare root fruit trees (or shrubs). Read this mini-tutorial about the 5 things to know before you buy bare root trees.

Bare Root Tree Planting Tutorial – Part One

It might feel a little strange thinking about buying fruit trees in the late fall. But, that’s exactly the time to choose bare root fruit trees that you plant during the dormant season of winter. This tutorial walks you through the process step-by-step.

How to Pick the Perfect Spot to Store Apples for Months

Apples just-picked keep well for 3-to-6 months if you follow these 7 steps. Eat or preserve them as soon as you can. Antioxidants in apples start dying off after 3 months.

Cold Storage, 1-MCP for “Good Looking” Apples

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What’s Keeping Apples In Stores All Year? Have you asked yourself, “Self, why are apples available in stores year-round if apples come ripe only in August and September (sometimes October)?” I did. I was convinced it’s due to importing fruit from points around the world where the growing season is opposite ours, like Australia. It is. Partly. Cold Storage Isn’t Enough For Commercial… Read more »