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  • Joy Manifesto: Make Joy Your Top 2017 Goal

    Dare to Capture Joy Every Day.

    January Is a Time to Reflect, Set Goals for Your Homestead When it comes to goal setting around the homestead, January can feel like a river bank where we stand on the edge of Now, gaze across the rushing water, searching for Later, on the Far Bank. I chart my course, step on each goal, and hope I […]

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  • What Your Favorite Beginner Gardener Wants for Christmas

    garden gift ideas

    LAST MINUTE GARDEN GIFT IDEAS GUIDE I completely understand your dilemma. My decorating, shopping and baking tasks aren’t done either. Actually, I just started. I guess that makes me an expert on seeking out the perfect last-minute gifts for gardeners–at the very last-minute. The good news is I found many of these items on Amazon–the specialists […]

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  • How to Make Mocha Latte Coffee That’s Cafe Perfect

    Capresso FrothPro Teeccino Latte

    It’s Easy to Make the Perfect Latte or Mocha Latte Coffee at Home with the Right Tools Living far from a great café is the perfect incentive to learn to make delicious mocha coffee drinks –cafe-style–  from scratch at home. The only piece of “fancy” equipment I use is the Capresso.

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  • How to Grow Garlic for Beginners

    How to grow garlic at home

    Is Fall the Perfect Time to Grow Garlic at Home? Yes and no. The answer is yes–you should plant garlic now if you live in southern zones. But, if you live in northern zones, wait until spring to plant garlic in your garden. (Read more about garden soil here.) Why You Should Learn How to […]

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